Worse than California

Think California is having economic problems?

Moody's just announced that we have the second-worst credit rating of any state
in the country, just behind California. But it's worse for us because we have a
problem that they don't have -- a pension crisis that's only getting more

We're ranked dead last in the country when it comes to pensions. Our pension
debt is over $100 billion. Now we're looking at a major debt crisis.

So why are we letting our broken state pension system rack up $100 billion in
debt? It's insane and dangerous. We need real pension reform -- and we need it

Use our simple tool
to contact your legislators and tell them to vote for pension reform. It takes
just three minutes, and it could make a big difference:


In an editorial last week, the Chicago Sun-Times explained:

The state's annual pension bills, along with accumulated debt, are
so high they will soon gobble up resources needed for core state functions,
including educating our kids, treating the sick and staffing our prisons. ...

Something has got to give.

Right now we have a great chance to get out of this downward spiral, but
we don't have much time.

We're just days away from a General Assembly vote on HB-149 -- a pension reform
bill that would create more efficient retiree programs and give state workers
the freedom to choose which plans work best for them.

Tell your
legislators to vote "yes" on HB-149:


There's no time to waste.

-- Ty Fahner, President ot the Civic Committee of The Commercial Club of Chicago

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