A Message from CPS teacher, Nate: Save my classroom

My name is Nate, and I'm a teacher in a Chicago Public School. I
love my job. No matter how long or hard I have to work, it's always worth it to
see my students learn and grow.

But our massive pension debt -- more than $100 billion and rising -- is sucking
money away from Illinois schools and other important programs for Illinoisans,
depriving them of the funding they need to succeed.

Take Seguin Services, a program for people with developmental disabilities that
relies on the state for 80 percent of its funding. Seguin's future is being
threatened because its funding is being crowded out by pension debt.

We need real reform, ASAP. In just a few days, the General Assembly will vote
on pension reform, so we need to get more people to speak out in support of
this bill now.

Watch this short
video from 2010 about Seguin and other crucial services that are at risk
because of pension debt, and then share the video with your friends and family:


Save My Classroom


The status quo isn't sustainable for anyone. Without reform,
teachers like me won't have stable pensions -- because the state simply doesn't
have the money to meet its obligations.

Like everyone else, I need to support my family after I retire, and I don't
know how I can do that without reform.

In a matter of days, the General Assembly will vote on the pension reform bill.
Thousands of Illinoisans have already taken action to support it, but we need
all the help we can get.

Watch the video,
share it with your friends and family, and urge them to speak out before it's
too late:


Together, we can do this.


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