It's time to act

You know what's at stake -- now we need to get to work.

We're just weeks away from a potentially historic vote on pension reform
legislation that could save our state from financial disaster. I am writing, from one Illinoisan to another, to ask for your help in sending a
powerful message to our leaders in Springfield.

We don't have any time to waste. Our state is being crushed under the weight of
$140 billion in retirement-related debt -- that's $30,000 in debt for each and
every household in Illinois.

We need to urge all our state legislators to vote "yes" on pension
reform and begin to dig Illinois out of the giant hole we're in.

For the future of our state, please take three minutes to write your
legislators and tell them to support this bill:

Springfield has been borrowing billions of dollars to keep its public pension
funds afloat -- and all that debt is crowding out vital social services:

  • The state spent $4 billion on pension contributions for
    public employees in 2010 -- twice what it spent on higher education.
  • Programs for people with disabilities are losing
    funding and being forced to take high-interest loans.
  • Early childhood education centers are on the verge of
    shutting their doors due to funding cuts.

In a few weeks, the General Assembly will vote on legislation that will
help plug our $140 billion hole by introducing more efficient retiree programs
and letting state employees choose the pension plans that work best for them.

Time is running out to convince our leaders to support this reform -- click
here to write your state legislators right now:

Together, we can get Illinois out of the hole.

Ty Fahner, President of the Civic Committee of the Commercial Club of Chicago

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