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Illinois is STILL Broke, but we have launched exciting new features on our website to help you get involved in bringing Illinois back to financial stability!


Our added features make it easy for you to: 



Elected officials have raised your taxes but failed to address the REAL problem -- $140 Billion in unfunded obligations and debt for pensions and retiree healthcare.  Reach out and let them know that enough is enough!


Our new website call feature will put you in touch with your elected officials at the click of a mouse.  Just select the "Take Action" tab at the top and bottom of our homepage and follow three short steps.  Our phone and email templates make it easy for you to make your voice heard! 



The Illinois Is Broke campaign has launched two new radio ads that are currently airing across the state to let people know that this crisis affects all of us, and Springfield is not doing enough to solve it. 


We encourage you to share these ads with your co-workers, family and friends.  


Go to our homepage at to listen to our ads, and urge others to do the same.



Illinois is on the brink of bankruptcy, but we cannot restore our state to financial stability until we reform retirement benefits for current public employees.  


The new tools on our website make it even easier to get involved and take a stand.

Visit and support HB149 and SB105 to solve this crisis once and for all.


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  • I have looked at your website and question some of your "facts". I agree our state is a mess financially and somehow we need to tighten our pursestrings, but as a teacher I would like to meet some of your millionaires. If I'm correct, they are hardworking teachers who have had to pay in nine percent of their pay towards their retirement, their school districts haven't paid a dime. I know because I'm one of them. I also will pay one hundred percent of my health insurance. So if I make fifty thousand dollars a year for twenty years, you're right, that makes me a millionaire! Whoop di doo. And by the way- who are you people? You describe yourselves very vaguely.

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