Speak Up Now Before It Is Too Late!

Springfield is poised to vote
today or tomorrow on a proposal to raise state income taxes 75 percent.


But this tax increase would not
reduce the $140 Billion
in unfunded obligations
for pension and retiree health care by a nickel. Legislators also plan to
continue borrowing to pay for this largely unfunded program.


Contact your elected officials today and
urge them to reform
and retiree health care benefits for current employees before raising
taxes or borrowing. We want solutions that address the root of the State budget
crisis - not just temporary remedies. 


Current public employees should
be given choices in their pension programs going forward, and they should make
higher contributions if they choose more costly programs. State retirees should
contribute toward their health care premiums.


Visit www.IllinoisIsBroke.com and look up
your elected officials. Send them an email from our website or pick up the
phone and call them. Speak up now before it is too late. 

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