Illinois Budget News: July 23

Another day, another dollar - make that dollar(s)...billions
of them. If Rome is burning, then Illinois is blazing and it's
spreading like wildfire. To schools and universities, health care providers,
and social service agencies - everyone is feeling the consequences of Illinois' fiscal crisis.


Recognized as the state most likely to default, Illinois' fiscal standing
has become a national embarrassment.


The fact of the matter is our debt is big and growing bigger
every day. If we don't get control of this quickly, like a rampant fire, it
will continue to spread and more will feel the impact of its destruction.


The state budget issues will come to a head over the coming
months, which is why we need to be a part of the solution. Visit to find out more about REAL budget reform and write the candidates
and incumbents, letting them know we need budget and pension reform now - we
need their help and yours to put out this fire. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook.

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