Illinois deep in debt, doesn't pay bills

For months, we've been trying to get the word out about Illinois $130 billion fiscal crisis. Throughout our campaign, it has been important to let people know the impact this drastic deficit would have on their lives and their communities.

Yesterday, the Associated Press wrote how the crisis is pushing businesses and organizations to the edge of bankruptcy. While we're glad to see it mentioned by name (!!), we're more thrilled that this issue is now garnering national interest. When you break it down, the issue is more than our lawmakers failing to do their job by passing a balanced budget, its about the impending loss of critical social services that thousands of Illinoisans rely on.

Some schools have tried to shame Illinois into paying by posting signs announcing how much the state owes. The website details the state's financial mess. Associations hold rallies and write letters to the editor.

The state still remains months behind.

Heavy hitting law firms including Sidley Austin, Jenner & Block, Mayer Brown and Sonnenschein Nath & Rosenthal, all agree that legislators can trim pension benefits for current employees, saving billions almost instantly.

We urge you to become more actively involved in the crisis facing our state. It affects our universities, social service programs and much much more. So, contact your legislators, join our coalition, or continue to follow us on the blog, Twitter or Facebook.

Finally, the State Journal Register's cartoonist Chris Britt published a pretty telling cartoon on Wednesday that sums up what how our elected officials leave the dome year after year.

SJR Editorial Cartoon May 12


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  • Maybe somebody should start a class action collections law suit.

    They're still tearing up highways that don't need any work like 1-355.

  • I don't think people realize that many school districts do not contribute to their teacher's pensions, the teachers must pay over nine percent of their pay to it. And as a teacher nearing retirement, I will be paying one hundred percent of my health insurance. Who are these teachers that get theirs paid for? I'd like to meet them!

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