Illinois Budget News: May 28

Illinois is facing a $13 billion budget deficit and doesn't
have enough money to pay its bills...and our lawmakers have skipped town.

Faced with the opportunity to address the financial problems burdening our state, our elected
officials - respectively - declined, staving off a vote on the pension borrowing bill and sending an unbalanced budget
back to the Governor to try and make due.  

The Governor expressed his unhappiness with lawmakers' inability
to act in a statement

"I remind members of the General Assembly that the people of Illinois are depending upon their elected officials to promptly and squarely address the serious fiscal issues confronting our state."

A date hasn't been set for lawmakers to
reconvene, right now it's anybody's guess.

"It's not urgent, like we have to do it next weekend, but it has to be done relatively soon. That's why we're going to come back in the next few weeks." - Senate President John Cullerton.

Not urgent? We all know there's no "i" in "team"
....but, there is in "legislator.


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