Illinois Budget News: May 18

The Chicago Tribune's Dennis Byrne and Eric Zorn discuss what's next for the Illinois budget with some idea swapping and back and forth number crunching. Like everyone else, they're waiting with anticipation to see where this budget is headed. How can Illinois (aka Greece) climb out of its deep budget hole?

Governor Quinn said we'll have the budget by the end of the month.

And a great piece from Chicago's NPR station, WBEZ, Political Fallout of Illinois Budget Inaction:

The state budget is up in the air for the next fiscal year, which begins in about six weeks. And there just isn't enough lawmaker support for either an income tax hike or severe budget cuts to close an estimated $13 billion deficit. In an election year, neither Democrats nor Republicans want to take the blame for the problem, or pay the price for the solution. So what are the political consequences of doing nothing?

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