Today's Illinois Budget News: April 27

Fellow ChicagoNow blogger Dennis Byrne took a closer look at the Springfield rally and it's call to raise taxes:

[Rally supporters] were there under the misimpression that an income tax increase could preserve state-funded services. How big an increase? Not much, according to the coalition. Its "Fair Solution to the Illinois Budget Crisis" platform states, "The individual income tax rate would amount to just two cents on the dollar" which, compared with other states is "very reasonable."

... A more realistic perspective comes from To cover the state's fiscal year 2010 deficit, it said, the personal income tax rate would have to increase to 8.2 percent, from 3 percent. Someone with taxable income of $50,000 would see his state tax bill jump to $4,100 from $1,500, a 173 percent increase.

Daily Herald continues its series on the school pension crisis in Illinois. Today's edition examined the difficulty in finding solutions, stating, "Outrage may motivate us to look for answers. It's thoughtful cooperation that will help us find them."

Here was the Daily Herald front page story, "Some want pension system abolished; others say it's the way to attract top-tier teachers." If you want to see the front page as it printed, look to the Newseum.

Lastly from the Daily Herald, here's a video asking, "Can and should recent pension limits be applied to current workers?

As for the rest of the state:

Rockford Register Star editorial:

The problem with any tax increase, no matter how needed, is that our lawmakers in
Springfield have not shown taxpayers they can manage the money they have.
Lawmakers could have used the past few months to prove us wrong. They didn't.

Radogno: Income Tax Hike ''Dead Wrong''

Prison reform advocates offered ideas Monday on ways to cut costs and curb recidivism, including reinstating two controversial early release programs were halted late last year.

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