Illinois Budget News: April 28

In response to the Civic Federation's report
Monday, the Governor's Office of Management and Budget released this

Daily Herald ends its four part series today with "an array of proposed fixes" and a great summary in an editorial on what voters should do:

Get the facts. Angry slogans and epithets are the easy way out, but if you want a solution take the time to get informed. Go to a school board meeting. Meet and read about statewide candidates in the Nov. 2 election. Ask them where they stand on pension funding and the state's finances. You've got six months.

An Op-Ed in today's Washington Examiner, states unfunded liability to public school teachers across the country is "$933 billion short of the assets needed to cover their promises to retirees" and current reforms don't go far enough.

The East-Central Illinois papers, the Mattoon Journal Gazette and Charleston Times Courier, bring us a great editorial:

Legislators need to put the November elections on the back burner and do the jobs they were elected to do the last time they campaigned. The people are ready for their elected representatives to work together to solve the state's problems.

The state owes billions of dollars to schools, agencies and businesses. It's time for lawmakers to put together a comprehensive plan of budget cuts and, perhaps, revenue increases to get the State of Illinois off the deadbeat roll.

Illinois Policy Institute's Kristina Rasmussen echos several of the ideas found in today's post, calling on legislators to corral spending and encouraging taxpayers to get involved.

Inspired by today's messages and want to get involved? Join our coalition and contact your legislators.


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