7 days of real life in black and white

I am a lot of things, but  a photographer isn't one of them.  I fell victim to the recent Facebook challenge of posting 7 images of my life in black and white with no explanation. I figured I'd post one or two (because I adore the friend that "challenged" me) and then casually forget to continue.

But then I started to like the idea. I felt like my friends were offering me a type of glance into their lives without telling me the whole story. And it was intoxicating (btw, I am completely and totally the type of person who looks for the tiniest glimpse into anyone's house as I drive by. I will look into your front room from my car window, and I'm not ashamed).

So, here's your glimpse into my figurative living room and some explanation because I'm a blogger and I cannot help myself:

Did anyone else participate in a similar photo challenge? Why did you choose the photos you did? Did you struggle NOT explaining your photos--if so, are you even HUMAN? Feel free to take the challenge for yourself t00--and use the hashtag #reallifeinblackandwhite so I can see your photos!

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