To the dad with the cheerio on his butt

Hey, bud. I see you standing IN FRONT of me in the preschool drop off line (naturally because we are late to life). I see you looking all happy and together. I see your smiling kiddo. And guess what?! 

You had a cheerio on your ass. And you didn't even know it. 

Oh, you aren't bothered by that? Cool, because I thought about casually pointing it out to you. But, you were kinda having way too much fun up there laughing and smiling with your preschooler. So, I left it there, and I really figured you were the kinda guy who would just laugh it off anyway. 

I've been the cheerio on the backside parent, standing there feeling all freakin' good about life with breakfast food (or worse) adorning my clothing. We ALL have been there. 

It's par for the course with parenting. Things are never going to be perfect. When we let the idea that they can be go, parenting gets really sweet. We start to enjoy these tiny humans and their minds more. We start to see things as less of a chore. We start to miss that he growing heap of laundry and instead look forward to donning a sweatshirt to watch them just play. I look past the disaster of a living room and towards the next adventure. 

So, rock that cheerio, dude. You've got my mad respect for standing alongside me this morning sporting your morning goodies and doing the 
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