A mother to Trump: You are not the voice of the America I want

I'm not a politician. I'm not even well read on politics (no sense in calling your bluff; I'm letting it all hang out). I'm a mom of two American boys. I spend my days hearing tales of Spiderman and tow trucks. I'm small and insignificant, but I'm the American Trump addresses in tonight's speech. And to Trump I say, you are not the voice of the America I want. You are not the voice of the America that I want my children to inherit. I'm not interested in your brand of "law and order." I'm not interested in your desire to wage a war. I'm not interested in your unfounded claims.

Your speech writers did an excellent job creating promises for a fine America, an America I DO actually want. The problem is that you lack the experience and dignity required to create this. And, as lovely as Ivanka was, and as moving as her speech was, the problem is that your business track record does not match her claims, nor does your personal character. Unfortunately, even employing what you consider to be the "best gathering of intelligence in the world"will not be enough to council beyond your hate and ignorance.

America, please don't believe his lies. Please god, please don't give this man an army. We all want what he promises. We all want prosperity for ourselves and our children. We all want safety and order, but he is not the man who can deliver it. His claims are unfounded. His plans not fully thought through. Trump is a business man; the running of a country is not a business alone.

So, it is NOT time to show the world that America can come back "bigger and stronger than ever before." It is instead time to show the world that America can remain as compassionate and democratic as it has been in the past.

I am the "every parent" you addressed. I do not want you to be with me. I do not want you to fight for me. I do not want you to win.

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