Nose Frieda: the most disgusting and totally necessary mom tool

You guys, I swore I would never use it, the Nose Frieda. I mean, the words snot and sucker are literally in the title. And, furthermore, that is literally what this contraption does; it sucks the freakin' snot from kids noses USING the parents mouth. My mouth. My kid's snot. So. Gross.

Despite the recommendation given by a perky young pediatrician, I continued to do things the way I always had. I wrestled with the damn blue bulb thing. I tried saline and suction. I tirelessly tried to teach them to blow snot OUT of their noses instead of pulling it back. I gave up. I gave in. I sucked the snot from their little noses.

And it was all good.

I escaped the experience unscathed. I did not swallow anyone's boogies. I did not slurp up anyone's snot. Instead, I used a little mommy suction to clean out a baby nose and found myself running after him far less with a tissue. While I can't say either of my boys sits compliant and happy to have me clear out their noses, they don't run kicking and screaming either. When it is all said and done, the Nose Frieda makes my life just a little easier. And, while I'm not sure there is a connection quite yet, we've avoided those nasty ear infections that come along with a festering head cold. Any day that my kiddos can sleep without ear infections, means a day that I can sleep without anyone crying for me.

So, I'm all in for this most disgusting and totally necessary mom tool. The Frieda gets my vote!

Anyone else want to fess up to using this little ditty? How about letting me in on your other totally necessary mom tools---they don't have to be nasty, either! I'd love to hear from you! -Mable
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