Sandy Hook: 5 years later we are no better

I try to keep things as light as I can on my social media outlets. While my political affiliations and opinions on current issues are probably widely known, they aren’t the first thing I want to shout out when I make a new acquaintance. With both of the boys in school, we meet a lot... Read more »

We make it too hard

We make it too hard, much too hard. We take life and make it a competition, a space without room for failure, a crushing need for perfection. Taking the reins and assuming all the responsibilities that go along with adulthood, parenthood, and other hoods has never been easy, but we, the modern parent, are making... Read more »

On Kindergarten and full hugs

My mom warned me that it was going to happen. “Just wait,” she said, “Things will change once he goes to school all day.” And they did. They changed just as she predicted; the little boy who I put on the bus for the first time just a few months ago is becoming a new... Read more »
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My sons will not be the cause of a #metoo

I’m weak and weary from a late night Facebook tirade so I’ll keep it short. I’ve been watching “Me too” scroll across my screen all day. After the first few I felt a sense of camaraderie. After the next few, a sense of wonder. Seething rage has replaced most other feelings as I continue to... Read more »

7 days of real life in black and white

7 days of real life in black and white
I am a lot of things, but  a photographer isn’t one of them.  I fell victim to the recent Facebook challenge of posting 7 images of my life in black and white with no explanation. I figured I’d post one or two (because I adore the friend that “challenged” me) and then casually forget to... Read more »

3 things you should know about being the mom of a twice-exceptional child

I battled with myself a bit about this post. I am happy to divulge all the information when the information is mine, but this particular issue centers around my son, who is incredible and independent of me. Indeed, one day he will be entirely his own entity and this story will be his to tell... Read more »

Thankful for the bonus days of summer

Look, I hate coats. I didn’t use to loathe them quite the same way before I had kids. In fact, in the past I looked forward to burrowing in my favorite jacket and hood. Now, the thought of outwear straight ticks me off.  It’s all because I’ve learned of the exquisite torture of being tasked... Read more »

To the dad with the cheerio on his butt

Hey, bud. I see you standing IN FRONT of me in the preschool drop off line (naturally because we are late to life). I see you looking all happy and together. I see your smiling kiddo. And guess what?!  You had a cheerio on your ass. And you didn’t even know it.  Oh, you aren’t... Read more »

I Survived Roadtripping in the Midwest with Two Toddlers…Twice

This summer I drove multiple hours in a car with my two and a half year old and my nearly one and a half year old. Sometimes alone. Always voluntarily. No, I haven’t totally lost my marbles and yes, I survived with my sanity intact. In June I hauled both of my toddlers eight hours... Read more »

Real lazy tips for real lazy moms

There are days I’m ON as a mom, and there are days (months, years) that I’m lazy, at best. I’m a few years into this motherhood gig, and I’ve picked up a few useful tips. Now, I’m not about to reinvent the wheel or anything (I’m far too lazy for that), but rather share a... Read more »