Using Ice is "Physiological Hearsay"

I recently interviewed Gary Reinl, author and renowned sports performance consultant on The Sports Doctor Radio Show on Gary is the author of, "ICED! The Illusionary Treatment Option." He has spent nearly 40 years in the sports medicine field. His experience ranges from athletic training rooms to major university research. His research denotes the use of ice as "one of the great instances of "physiological hearsay."

iced Gary cites the following sources: "Topical cooling (icing), delays recovery"- Journal of Strength & Conditioning Research 2013, "Ice is commonly used after acute muscle strains but there is no clinical studies of its effectiveness"- British Journal of Sports Medicine (2012) "Ice may not be the best treatment for aching muscles- in fact, it could even be detrimental to recovery"- University of Pittsburgh Med Ctr.(2011).

There are many others now paying lots of attention to this.. including Dr. Gabe Murkin, one of the "original sports doctors." Dr. Murkin coined the famous RICE principles.. He's recently written, "why ice delays healing."

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