Gold Medalist to Defend Title

Believe it or not, it's been 3 yrs. since Naperville's own Evan Lysacek won the men's figure skating Olympic gold medal in Vancouver. (really?).
It's now only a yr. away from the 2014 winter games in Sochi, Russia, and it now appears that Evan has set his sights on becoming the first since American legend Dick Button (1948 & 1952), towin back to back gold medals

Evan hasn't competed since his gold medal win in 2010. He toured with "Stars on Ice" for 2 yrs. after the Olympics, & spent a yr. traveling the world representing our state dept. as a special sports emissary.
After successful surgery in November for a sports hernia, Evan is back to serious training, & after watching watching his performance in Rockefeller Center, Feb 6th, he looked great & skated strong with his trademark "style and pizzaz".

Knowing and working with Evan since he was 10 yrs. old & slipping orthotics into his skates, and watching him win national and world titles, culminating in that incredible Olympic gold--I don't doubt for a minute his "steel resolve", when he said during the Today Show interview with 84 Gold medalist Scott Hamilton at his side, regarding his year long goal of defending his title..."I'm gonna live this goal"!

ROCK & ROLL, Evan, We'll all be rooting for you!

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