TItle Game FINALLY Here- these guys haven't played in 6 weeks!

WOW- its Notre Dame & Alabama- I think both teams haven't played for over a month! The Irish last played Turkey day weekend.
From a sports medicine point of view- THIS IS NUTS! Just hope that there are not any serious injuries due to all this WAY too much time between games. You can practice all you want but it is not the same.
Besides the "possible rust" from this huge interim, I'm really concerned about injuries- you'd think "the geniuses" behind the NCAA & college football would be able to come up with a better SAFER schedule to play the "endless" bowl games & the championship.
Well, next year when there will FINALLY be a playoff format to determine the champion "on the field", hopefully we won't see an even longer amount of time between games!
We all know that "money determines all these schedules" BUT - lets include player safety & be much smarter with these ridiculous amounts of time between games- gotta be a better way! PS- GO IRISH! :)

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