Sports Doc doesMiddle of the Night Interview

Last week I received an e-mail from Red Eye Radio, one of the country's largest listened to "over night radio stations"- nationally syndicated (WLS - Chicago, WABC - NY, LA, ETC, ETC!
They wanted to know if "the sports doctor" would spend maybe 10 minutes discussing RG3 & his knee injury & subsequent surgery.

As many of you recall, this was a hot topic re whether the incredibly talented QB should have played in the Redskin's playoff loss- the doctors?-coaches?- who made the decision? What was the prognosis, concerning the surgery, All good questions for discussion, GREAT EXPOSURE!

Funny thing was, the time slot for me was 2:30-2:38 AM ( like in the morning!). I at 1st thought NO WAY- even with the promised "wake-up call".
HOWEVER, decided DO IT!--(yawn!)--- really went well- give a listen

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