Some Holiday Sports Doctor Tips

Every year on my radio show, "The Sports Doctor", we talk about resolutions for the new year.
Often I have guests from the fitness industry, psychologists, life coaches, personal trainers ETC. to talk about what it takes to stick to some of those resolutions to "eat smarter, & be more active".
One of the humorous endless observations is how busy the fitness clubs & gyms are right after New Years for a month or two & THEN how so many "fall off the wagon"!
ANYWAY - here are some of the wisdoms that many of my expert guests have always recommended to keep in mind;
1. DECIDE that making some fitness & wellness goals IS REAL SMART
2. Pay attention to your diet - sensibly ADD some good food & SUBTRACT some not good (we know which is which!).
3. Cut portion sizes by at least 1/3
4. GET MOVING! Find an activity that you enjoy- walk, join a gym, take swimming lessons, tennis lessons etc. Check with your doctor if needed but get started!
5. Set REALISTIC goals - you'll be amazed what progress you can make in just a few months!
Whether its losing weight, getting in better shape, reducing stress, sleeping better, having more energy, (what did I leave out?), ETC.---
DEEP BREATH!-- like the famous Nike slogan... JUST DO IT!..... Cheers!

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