Urlacher Reveals the Truth

We all know the reaction Bears great linebacker Brian Urlacher has gotten by "being honest".
He's admitting that if faced with "getting his bell rung" & facing being pulled from the game, he might not admit to coaches & trainers the concussion concern & maybe complain about a leg problem or something so he can "stay on the field" not get caught in the mandatory evaluation process.
Of course, this flys in the face of the NFL's solid position of the importance of players being honest,(for their own safety), with training staff regarding this serious health issue.
Even though Brian's is wrong as wrong could be, his honesty is both revealing & refreshing. HE WANTS TO STAY ON THE FIELD!-- DUH!
The NFL needs to be aware of how prevelant this attitude is- players KNOW they probably will be kept out of action 1,2 or more games- maybe they can downplay it.
My experience has been that many young athletes, especially at high levels, in all sports, often will not admit "this injury is still a problem" because of pressure from all sorts of areas- coaches, parents, themselves - THEY WANT TO STAY IN THE GAME!
Of course, there's huge difference between injuries of bones & joints & brain trauma!
Urlacher also stressed his concern about those "cut blocks", where the knees are so vulnerable. He's right on with that one.

But some kudos to Brian Urlacher for being honest about how many players feel about "the concussion stuff"-- & don't think this isn't a huge problem in youth football, this reluctance to be honest with coaches & trainers- it is! & we can thank Urlacher for putting a face on it

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  • Maybe they can also comment on Dave Duerson and Jr. Seau sticking a bullet in their hearts. Or Owen Hart putting the camel clutch on his wife and then hanging himself using a pulley machine. Those things have a notice saying "Warning: Misuse can result in death." Different sport, but same brain injuries.

    Maybe they feel like getting back into the game now, but these examples should prove that they are not invincible.

  • In reply to jack:

    Good points, Jack- as I've said on previous posts- "Football is unsafe at ANY age". Having known both the late Dave Duerson, & Jim McMahon-- the reality of football related brain trauma is alarming. Parents of young players beware!

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