NFL- Where's The Recovery Time?

Somehow the necessity of recovery time for the players following normal Sunday games has bowed down to "the money".
Games on Thursdays have become routine- Thanksgiving day there were THREE games.
With the league "supposedly" so concerned with player safety, how can they sanction this!
Ask any players & they
'll tell you that playing Sunday & then again Thursday is BRUTAL!!
Even college has allowed Thurs games following routine Sat games
Seems that the mighty NFL & just as mighty ESPN dictate "the rules of the road" & it's all about the dollars!
OH - WELL!-- Just not smart when it comes to the safety & protection of the players.
On this whole topic, I'm excited about having author, blogger, Matt Chaney, discussing his book "Spiral of Denial"-Muscle Doping in American Football on "The Sports Doctor" (6:30-7pm,WDCB, 90.9fm) this wk 11/29. He'll chime in with his views on all of this.
See ya later!

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  • I like the sports Doctor, and want to know the complex matter of NFL game can you help Doctor Sir....

  • In reply to JuliaTaylor:

    Hi Julia- Thx for comments--what specifically is your question?

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