Thoughts about Lance Armstrong

Now that everyone has piled on Lance Armstrong...I've written about drugs & sports numerous times before;
(sportsdoctorradio .com/ news articles-"the link with drugs & sports Runs Deep" 1/15/08), & discussed it a lot on my radio show. "Performance enhancing or is it performance surviving"-drugs?

It's very upsetting in endless ways. Lance Armstrong-how can this be? HOWEVER- after literally off his death bed to survive & defeat cancer- taking WHATEVER drugs to compete at world levels could be "psychologically" understood.
Especially since that's the culture in world cycling, without drugs, you can't compete. NOT EXCUSING Lance but look what he's done for cancer research-tens of millions of dollars & incredible awareness for help for thousands of cancer victims! Cheating?--maybe taking ANYTHING to survive & "stay in the game?
Nobody really knows, but let's not BURY the guy.... Just sayin

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