Chicago Marathon & "Minimalist" Shoes

Wow, over 40,000 runners ready to tackle the Chicago Marathon. All of whom I'm sure have prepared as well as they can.

Wishing everyone a successful & injury free event this Sunday! Just a word of caution regarding the "explosion" of the so called minimalist shoes which are the rage this year-
It will be interesting to see if there are any barefoot runners.
The caution is about not running the race in these minimally supportive shoes UNLESS you have really been convinced that you've been doing your training in them & you have not had problems with feet, ankles or knees.
If you've been only recently using them-- don't use the marathon as your "proving ground"

I'm always telling runners to stick with the shoes you are used to & make sure they're in good shape. Also don't use the race to "break in" new shoes.

Good luck to all & CONGRATULATIONS for " taking this challenge on".

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