PREVENTION of childhood Obesity

With September being "National childhood obesity awareness-prevention month" & the ongoing discussion about how complex & overwhelming this epidemic is I want to revisit what I've spent the last year "screaming" (well not really screaming) about.

"Kids Beating Obesity", is the WDCB podcast that I've co-hosted with Rick Osbourne, the creator of the innovative Pull Your Own Weight (PYOW) program.
The premise is that children who can learn to do an unassisted pull up are virtually "IMMUNIZED" against obesity-
Starting in elementary school, kids can have fun as they gradually develop the ability to "PYOW". Using simple straps hung over a pull up bar, they can start doing "leg assisted-(pull & jump at the same time) pull ups & gradually raise the straps as they become light & strong enough to PYOW.

Of course, ALL the nutrition & activity related important aspects of sensible weight control are included.
The important & key element is that this program MOTIVATES kids to succeed by making measurable progress CHEERED ON by their classmates!

Go to for a complete discussion of this SIMPLE, inexpensive solution to our nation's greatest epidemic
The podcast, "Kids Beating Obesity", has over 40 shows featuring local, national & international guests.
You can preview the roster of guests & topics by, click on new media, click kids beating obesity

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