Back to School, Back to Action--PLAY SAFE

Chris Fox, my co-host on "The sports Doctor" radio show & I often talk about how impressive the HS sports teams are in our area. Pick any sport this fall-- football, girls volleyball & tennis, cross country, soccer -- or fothat matter, any season, & we've got some of the best.

Hopefully, all athletes were well tuned in to the important mixture of summer training, "intelligent rest" & recovery time.
Too often, the "more is better" syndrome overwhelmed the necessity of time off from what often is year-round playing, training & practice.
I feel that one of the most important arts of sports medicine is the constant balance of smart aggressive schedules & overuse.

With new attention on concussions in high schoolers & younger athletes, one important point made is the youngster not telling, (for various reasons), their coach, trainer or parents that symptoms are present.
Even though most overuse injury concerns aren't nearly as serious as concussions, that reluctance to report symptoms is of concern. I often hear from a young athlete that his or her foot, ankle, shins or knee hurt but "I can't back off". My coach or parent doesn't listen- they'll get mad; I'll get benched or cut.". Often it's SELF PRESSURE that's involved.

I've rarely met young athletes (all levels included), faking discomfort. PAY ATTENTION! This is where the reliance on drugs, usually over the counter pain killers & anti-inflammatories starts.
There are exceptions, but a good rule is; if your young kids & players need drugs to keep in the action--YOUR PUSHING OVER THE LINE!

As I've mentioned in previous articles & blogs, in the lower extremities, if injuries & problems persist or don't respond to rest & treatment, pay attention to foot type & mechanics.

Go to to read more about overuse injuries, foot mechanics & the role of orthotics.

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