20 years of "The Sports Doctor" on the Radio

Sitting & talking to some local coaches we recalled them being on "the sports doctor" in 1991.
The show was on a local station in Aurora & 2 years later we moved to WDCB at COD in Glen Ellyn.

Wow, that's 20 years ago-- lots of shows, great guests & endless topics, from issues involving foot problems to drugs in sports, high performance athletes, shoe questions, childhood obesity ETC.

We followed the journey of Naperville's Evan Lysacek, from when he first showed up at my office as a 10yr old to his figure skating Olympic Gold Medal in 2010.
Chris Fox, sports director for "the Lombardian" newspaper in Lombard, has been my side-kick since we moved to WDCB.
We've had doctors, therapists, athletes, coaches, parents & trainers as guests
Of course, being in Chicago, such a great sports town, sports medicine issues of all our local teams have been topics-- teams & sports clubs at all levels & ages.

Often, I'm answering e-mail questions from listeners as well as readers of my sports doctor collums & articles. We're really excited about adding CHICAGONOW blog enthusiasts to the group

Go to sportsdoctorradio.com to hear many past radio shows & past articles.

We've gone from reel to reel tapes to cassettes to CD to discs to the Internet & cyberspace in the recording of "the sports doctor".
Who knows what the next 20 years will bring!!
Special thanks to all our listeners & guests-- KEEP ON TUNING IN-- Thursdays, 6:30-7pm, WDCB, 90.9fm

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