Questioning the Blackhawks

Questioning the Blackhawks

I know I haven't blogged about anything in a while but this is something I really had to let loose on so I'll get straight to the point. Are we not allowed to ask questions about the Blackhawks? Are we not allowed to criticize them? It seems that way.

After the Blackhawks win against the Minnesota Wild, I posed the question of: "Why do the Blackhawks sit back in a shell when they have the lead? It kills them every time." I sent this to several Blackhawks Beat Writers. Then all hell broke loose in the Twitterverse.

Here are the responses from Chris Kuc and Tracey Myers:

"@ChrisKuc:Every time other than all the wins."

"@TramyersCSN : @ekmieciak every time… remind me how the last few games went? Every time. Please."

Of course when one of the writers mention you, everyone else seems to chime in. Most of the responses were along the same lines as Chris and Tracy's. Ok. They won. That's great. The streak, that's great. But being undefeated in regulation means I can't question something this team has been struggling with 2-3 times this year and in years past? That's non-sense. Tracy did end up say that "it happens at times" giving me some credit. Chris on the other hand...jerk. He came off to me sounding like every other meatball. "What you're not satisfied?" "What have you been watching?" "Is he serious?'

Yes, I am satisfied. I have watched every game. Yes, I am serious. When the Blackhawks get a 2 to 3 goal lead they drop back into a 1-2-2 or whats known as a "shell." Every time they have done it this year they have lost the leads they built in the first 2 periods by attacking. Two games that come to mind is the game against the Ducks and the game on 2/19 against Vancouver. In the game against the Duck the Blackhawks sat back and with 2:40 left  the Ducks scored and eventually won in a SO. Against the Canucks with a 2 goal lead the Blackhawks sat back once again and allowed 2 goals in the final 2:43 to take it to OT and a SO. It almost happened again against the Wild with a 4-1 lead cut down to a 4-3 lead before Patrick Kane delivered the goal to seal the 5-3 victory.

All I did was ask the question "Why does Coach Q sit back when he could attack?" It's a simple question. Why doesn't the Blackhawks beat question Coach Q about it instead of asking how does it feel to keep the streak going(after every game).  If the Blackhawks attack, they don't have to spend time in their zone which is the reason why they are playing so well. At least some fans came to my defense like Greg Gosselin.

Greg Gosselin: "@ChrisKuc Still a fair question to you and will be relevant later on."

Just another little thing that happened tonight: I said for the people that had the response of "they haven't lost in regulation" that they are the people who pry use the term "we" when referring to the Blackhawks and that started another shit storm. All I'm going to say is you're not on the team; you didn't help them win the Stanley Cup; WE didn't win it. They did.



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