Blackhawks: Some Numbers

Blackhawks: Some Numbers

Here are some numbers and stats to look at:

  • Last 10: 1-8-1 with 9 losses in a row.
  • 13th in the NHL Points, right behind the Florida Panthers
  • Top 5 in NHL in Goals Scored (3.02 g/gm); Bottom 5 in NHL in Goals Against (3 g/gm)
  • 17th in the NHL on the PP at 17.1% (NHL Best is Vancouver, 22.2% )
  • 27th (30 teams) in the NHL on the PK at 77.8% (NHL Best is Montreal, 89%)

The Blackhawks are +2 in point differential with 176 goals scored and 174 given up.

Crawford and Emery combined are : 57GP 169GA 2.91GAA +2Point Differential .899Save%

Niemi:  42(57)GP 97(~133)GA 2.34GAA (~+40PD) .912Save%     BOLD IS ACTUAL, (x) is projected

I know that Niemi wouldn't start all 57 games and all this is are a bunch of "could be" and "if's" but its just a rough idea what it could be like with average to good goaltending.

Thought on tonight: Overall, I think the Blackhawks played better, but goaltending wasn't good enough. Nashville only had 19 shots, 3 of which were goals. Its not going to get easier. New York Rangers are next, followed by Columbus which should be the first win after a 10 game losing streak. But after that its St. Louis, Detroit, Dallas and LA.

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