Blackhawks: Hawks/Oilers Thoughts

Blackhawks: Hawks/Oilers Thoughts

All summed up in two words: Pathetic and Embarrassing.

I really don't want to get into it because I am really frustrated, so I am going to keep it short . To have a 2-0 lead and lose 8-4 to the freaking OILERS is unacceptable.

If you read any of my blogs you will know that I said that I really don't think goaltending is the problem and that it has been defensive breakdowns that cost this team. Well tonight it was both. The first period everything was perfect, but then everything went down hill and fast. Crawford gave up some soft goals (3 that I counted) and before we knew it the Blackhawks went from leading 2-0 to down 3-2. From there you know the rest, losing 8-4. It was wide open with no defense being played and the Oilers were better at it. Pathetic.

In the last 2 games in Edmonton, the Blackhawks have given up 17 goals. Embarrassing. Luckily, if that's even the right word, the Blackhawks play tomorrow. Hopefully we get a better effort and a better result from the Hawks.

Here is a NOT-SO-FUN-FACT from one of my favorites: Barry Rozner



  • Stan Bowman has to do something with this roster. Frolik, Bickell, Lepisto, O'Donnell, just to name a few; have all have been a total let down. Need another D-man and a Second Line Center.
  • Sharp (2 goals) and Toews looked good.
  • Goaltending may actually be a problem. So now D & G are problems.. Great.
  • Leddy and Hjalmarsson were on the ice for 4 goals against.
  • Andrew Shaw was a -3
  • Where is Jimmy Hayes? - Why is he in Rockford?
  • Need more Scotch.


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