Blackhawks: Hawks/Canucks Thoughts

Blackhawks: Hawks/Canucks Thoughts

What a game. I don't know if I should be upset or happy with the Blackhawks performance. They played great. There were plenty of chances to put this one away in regulation but they just couldn't do it.

The Blackhawks didn't look good in the faceoff department but overall they looked better then they have most of the season. They played solid on defense, drove to the net, put pucks on net and Crawford was fantastic. But all that was mitigated by the play of Cory Schneider.

Schneider was outstanding. The Stalberg/Toews/Kane line had some chances and Schneider just brick walled them. New Blackhawk Brendon Morrison had a great opportunity with a virtually open net and still Cory Schneider somehow stopped it. He was the reason the Canucks won tonight and I can't really get upset about it.

I don't like seeing the Blackhawks lose and I especially don't like seeing them lose to the Canucks. But I really can't say that the Blackhawks lost this game or that Vancouver won this game. Cory Schneider won. The Blackhawks should have put this game away in regulation and Schneider prevented them from doing so.

The Blackhawks needed 2 points tonight to keep pace with the Red Wings and Predators, but they only got one. IF they continue to play like they did tonight I don't think they will have any problems with this road trip. But it would have been nice to get the deserved 2 points tonight.


  • Morrison looked alright. Didn't blow me away but it was his first game with the team.
  • Stalberg played great. One of my 5 Hawks to watch in the second half.
  • Defense looked better than it has. One goal seemed iffy. I believe Keith and Leddy were on the ice...See my 5 Hawks to Watch on my thoughts of those two.
  • Toews and Sharp looked good. (Returned from injuries)



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