Reaction: Bulls-Heat

Reaction: Bulls-Heat

My Quick Reaction:

I didn't think the Chicago Bulls played as well as they are capable of and you have to credit Miami's defense for that. They made shots very difficult for the Bulls and they didn't allow anyone other than Derrick to get going offensively.

With the absence of Luol Deng, Boozer didn't step up like I thought he would. He did make some nice plays, but I expected 16-22 points from him.

I also expected to see Rip Hamilton play better. He made some poor turnovers and missed shots he normally would make.

Defensively, Ronnie Brewer had the impossible task of guarding Lebron James and as expected, didn't really do much to stop him. But who really can? I thought the Bulls should have done a better job to help Brewer by doubling Lebron when he got into the paint. Most of the time when they tried to double, it was late getting there.

The end of the game was a crazy one. Phantom whistle and missed free throws with the game on the line by two star players really put a damper on things.

For me though, I can't really get upset about this loss other than the phantom whistle at the end. But dispite the whistle, the Bulls still had a shot to win and Rose came up short. It happens.


  • Derrick's two missed free throws were the first two he has missed in the 4th quarter all season. 29-29 prior to the misses.
  • On the last possession, Rip was wide open in the corner. Rose could have passed it. Maybe had thoughts of passing a game winner off to White Mamba?
  • Bulls were in the game without Luol Deng and CJ Watson. That's a positive.
  • Rose said "I guarantee you those shots are going down next time."

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