Opinion: Paterno's Legacy

Opinion: Paterno's Legacy

What will the legacy of Joe Paterno be? Winningest head coach in FBS history or an enabler to a serial child molester?

People will say that over the time of Paterno’s life, he has done many good things.  Some will say that he lived a happy life, filled with many successes on and off the field.  That he loved football. That he loved children. That he was an all around great man.

Joe Paterno may have been all he was stacked up to be, except a great man. Would a great man allow this to happen? Would a great man who loved children, allow them to be subjected to these horrific acts?

No. The fact of the matter is that Joe Paterno only cared about himself. He cared about his wins. He cared about Penn State. NOT THOSE KIDS.

Paterno’s legacy will not be his successes, but what he had failed to do. He FAILED to contact the PROPER authorities.

Paterno supporters say he was just following the chain of command. NO! He is in command. He runs the show. He answers to no one. Joe Paterno is God on Penn State’s campus.

There was one thing Joe had to do and that was pick put the phone and call the police. That’s it. And his legacy would have been the cute old man who wins a lot. But no, Paterno failed to do what is morally right and turned his back on those kids, allowing Jerry Sandusky to continue his sick acts.

This happened for years. Sandusky was allowed bringing kids to the locker room, to coaches meetings and even to bowl games. Nothing was said. No action was taken, until now.

And people want to picture Paterno as this great man who had a lapse in judgment.

No. Paterno was a man looking out for himself. Paterno was a man who enabled serial child molester Jerry Sandusky to have a place to have “fun.” Paterno was a man who failed to do the right thing. Joe Paterno was a bad man.

GRAND JURY REPORT: http://www.freep.com/assets/freep/pdf/C4182714129.PDF

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