Blackhawks: 5 Players to Watch after All-Star Break

Blackhawks: 5 Players to Watch after All-Star Break

1) Jonathan Toews

Stat Line: GP: 49 G: 27 A: 23 P: 50 | +17

If Toews keeps up this pace he will have a great chance to win the Hart Trophy for the NHL's Most Valuable Player. He is the Blackhawks most valuable player and they will need him to play like it for them to have a shot to get to the Stanley Cup.

First Half Grade: A+

2) Nick Leddy

Stat Line: GP: 50 G: 2 A: 23 P: 25 | -6

To me, Leddy has been one of the bigger disappointments this season. I expected him to be a lot better and he's not. I know he is only 20 and has tons of potential, but he hasn't progressed like I thought he would. He is making a lot of the same mistakes that Keith is making. Bad turnovers in their own zone, not clearing the puck out of the crease and just not communicating out on the ice.

First Half Grade: C

3) Patrick Kane

Stat Line: GP: 50 G: 11 A: 30 P: 41 | +9

Patrick Kane has really struggled the first half of the season and can't really seem to get out of this funk. He's had the chances, but hasn't been able to put the puck in the net. Kane is a tremendous passer and he is contributing in the assists department. In the closing seconds of a big game, I want him on the ice because that's when he shines. Look for Kane to get back on track and have a strong second half.

First Half Grade: B

4) Duncan Keith

Stat Line: GP: 47 G: 3 A: 24 P: 27 | +14

Duncan Keith hasn't played like the Norris Trophy winner that he is. He has made poor turnovers in the Blackhawks own zone leading to easy goal scoring opportunities for the opposing team. Hopefully he can turn it around for the second half of the season.

*Also see Nick Leddy*

First Half Grade: B-/C+

5) Viktor Stalberg

Stat Line: GP: 47 G: 14 A: 15 P: 29 | +7

Stalberg has really impressed me this year. He has been pretty consistent and he's been all over the ice.  Stalberg has also been all over the lineup but I believe he found a good spot playing on the Kane/Toews line. Let's hope he can keep it up.

First Half Grade: B+

Honorable Mentions:

Patrick Sharp - Let's see how he plays after his injury.  Grade: A+

Andrew Shaw - Can he continue with his success? Trade Bait? Grade: B

Goaltenders - Can they step up their game to the next level? Grade: B - for both.


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