Interview with Screaming Females

Interview with Screaming Females

Jarrett Dougherty from Screaming Females was gracious enough to give Spool Going Round an interview on the birth date of their new album titled "Castle Talk." They play Brew Not Bombs in Chicago on Sunday night.


Spool Going Round:
The first time I heard of Screaming Females, it was on the BrooklynVegan Blog. Do you think blogs have helped get your music out to a larger audience?

I think it is really awesome when anyone, anywhere, who takes the time to write about and discuss our band.  It is humbling to think of all the people who have taken the time to care about what we do.  So in that way blogs have definitely been a huge help to us.  But I think people have a tendency to overestimate the importance of the internet.  For every person who has found out about us via the internet and bought a record or come to a show I feel like there are 5 or 10 people that found out about us from seeing us play live or from people talking about us or playing the records for their friends.  The real world definitely still exists.

Spool Going Round:
You have also been touring like crazy. The first time I saw you play live was opening up for Arctic Monkeys here in Chicago at the Riviera Theater. How did that tour come about? Did you enjoy touring with them?

They saw us open up for the Dead Weather and asked us to tour with them.  Alison from Dead Weather told them that they had to make it out to the show early to see us play.  That is pretty much the whole story.  Like I just said (in the question above) most people find out about our band from seeing us play live or hearing about it from their friends.
Touring with them was definitely cool.  It allowed us to play to a whole new audience.  I think that their audience was a little confused by us.  Arctic Monkeys have a very polished sound whereas we kind of go out there and let loose.  

Spool Going Round:
I thought you were great and you definitely got the energy of the crowd up for the headliner. Are you physically drained after a show?

Most of the time.  If sweat isn't running into my eyes or I'm not completely soaked with sweat after we play than it feels like something went wrong.

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Spool Going Round:
I am really excited having your new album in hand which came out on
Tuesday, 9/14 on Don Giovanni Records. The first single, "I Don't Mind
it" really grabs the listener and it sounds like you have made some
small but really good changes to Screaming Females sound? How do you
describe your progress and growth with the new song and album?

I think all of our songs sound different from each other.  We never
decided what our band should sound like so that allows us to do whatever
we want.  We try to push ourselves to release a lot of music.  We've
done 4 albums in five years and 4 seven inches.  I think that if you
wait too long between releases you start worrying about what you
"should" sound like.  If you just keep it up you don't have time to get
too mixed up in your head.  We just do what we do and hopefully it is
always evolving.

Spool Going Round:
You are playing Brew Not Bombs in Chicago at Portage Theater on
Sunday, September 19th. Do you know much about Brew Not Bombs? They will
obviously have brew and I see a Giant Vegan bake-off. Any Vegans in
Screaming Females?

Brew Not Bombs is a homebrewing club that our buddy Al Scorch helps run
in Chicago.  Al is an amazing punk banjo player.  Not some punk kid who
picked up a banjo a few months ago but a guy who can actually rip that
fucking instrument up.  Anyway, Brew Not Bombs runs a really amazing
benefit every year and we are totally psyched to play it this year.  The
groups who are benefiting are Civilian-Soldier Alliance, Little Village
Environmental Justice Organization, & Voices For Creative
Nonviolence.  Everyone in Screaming Females is vegetarian.

Spool Going Round:
I see your tour is going to take you to Germany, France, Austria and
Spain just to name a few. Have you played these regions before? How is
your music accepted by these countries?

We've never been to Europe.  I'm so excited to be able to see how are
music translates to all these different cultures.  We will have to see
how it goes!

I am sure you think your Chicago fans are the best! I had to sneak that one in there. I love that you
play here often and all the success that is heading your way is well
deserved. Thank you so much for your time.

Screaming Females headline a long bill of artists this Sunday, 9/19, at the Portage Theater. This is a benefit show called Brew Not Bombs.


An afterthought
I was listening to Nirvana a lot right before "Castle Talk" came out, so
that might be were all these connections are coming from. I can't help
but feel like there needs to be a band from the underground to blow up
the way they did 20 years ago. I really feel like if enough people
listened to the new album from Screaming Females they might feel that
same connection to something that is fresh and worthy. The connections
can be made even further with them both being trios and how "Nevermind"
took Nirvana's loud guitars and vocal raspy-ness and cushioned it with
sing along choruses so does "Castle Talk" for Screaming Females. They
have the punk in the right places and they have the pop in the right
places and I think that is what builds a genre crossing supernova.

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