An Impeachment of Faith

Caveat: it's still premature to call for Trump's impeachment.

As tempting as it might be to connect the dots made public around the allegations of the Trump administration's connections to Russia, the picture is still incomplete; there are still more dots to find. Hopefully, the investigation continues. And let's be honest, regardless of anyone's opinion of Trump, whether you believe in him or not, an impeachment of a president would be a sad blemish on American history.

But if it comes down to impeachment, what will it mean for his most ardent supporters, namely the Evangelical Christians who considered their vote for Trump an act of faith? What would impeachment mean for those believers who voted as their "witness" to share their faith to unbelievers?

After all, 81% of white Evangelical Christians voted for Trump. Many Christians attributed Trump's election to the will of God. But if Trump and his staff are found to have engaged in collusion with Russia and other various unlawful activities, then every effort made to proclaim Christ through support of this administration would be marred and undermined.

All the while, anti-Trump non-believers would have every opportunity to say "I told you so."

An impeachment would damage the credibility of the Christian faith to those whom it should matter the most for Christians: non-believers. One of the paramount objectives for Christians is to share the personal relationship they have with God to those who don't believe. It's confounding to think someone's journey to faith might hinge on the success or failure of Trump's presidency. No one has ever become a Christian as a result of a law passed by Congress, or an Executive Order issued. Only the Bible can do such work. And yet, many Christians spent so much time and effort to support Trump into the Oval Office.

As many Christians put their faith in Trump during the election, just about no one anticipated the moves he would make as President. Nor did any Christians think how those moves might impact Christian ministry; includes a definition of impeachment as "demonstration that a witness is less worthy of belief."

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