Technology Detox

If you search the internet for detoxes a ton of options are available. They are options for cleansing your body of toxins or detoxing to lose weight. There is much debate on whether detoxing works or is healthy. This blog is not about the physical type of detoxing. I want to discuss a mental detox. Many of us have become slaves to our technology. We cannot go without our cell phones for an hour not to mention a day. Do not misunderstand me. I believe that technology is a benefit to society; however, for some of us the term too much of a good thing is appropriate.

I am not encouraging anyone to throw out their cell phones or computers. I am asking you to consider if you are spending too much time with technology. Is it causing you stress? Are you neglecting time with family or friends because of technology? Do you feel guilty about your technology use? Are you afraid if you don’t use technology you will miss out on something? Is technology impacting your life in a negative way? This is where you do some self-reflection. You can decide if you are spending more time with technology than you should.

If you are on technology overload. Your first step is to create a plan to reduce your technology time. It is probably best that you reduce your time progressively. Do you need to have your cell phone accessible when eating dinner with family or friends? Instead or spending hours on Facebook perhaps you can make plans to meet with a friend in person. When creating your plan be specific and also make your plan doable. Your goal should be to create a plan that adds balance to your life.

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