You Have the Power

Years ago, I read a book about happiness and the author said negative people can drain your energy. At first, I thought this was new age theory and I was not ready to receive the concept. Then I started to feel there could be some truth to this statement. I noticed there were times when I was around negative people I did feel drained.

In a perfect world we would only spend our time around positive people; unfortunately, we do not live in a perfect world. Sometimes circumstances have us around people who are negative. If you find yourself in a situation with negative people do not give them the power to impact your life with their negativity. You have control over your emotions and you have the power to keep others from impacting how you feel.

How do you stay positive in negative situations? One option is not to engage in negative conversations. Try your best to disengage as much as possible. Can you change the conversation? Most negative people do not know they are negative. In many cases their past has brought them to a place of operating in negativity. Negative people have learned to focus on what is wrong instead of focusing on what is right. We can show empathy to negative people without being draw into their negativity. Is this a time they need your support? Another option is to counteract negative words with positive ones. Share what is right and offer hope.

When you are around negative people. Keep your thoughts positive. Think of upbeat happy things. Concentrate on the things that are going well with you. Do not get involved in negative self-talk. Always remember that you hold the key to your happiness.

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