How to Think Positive in a Negative Situation

Being optimistic in a tough situation can be difficult; however, thinking positive is beneficial and can help you successfully overcome and deal with tough situations. Thinking positive can help you find answers, while negative thinking increases stress, which in turn can hinder you from thinking clearly. Negative thinking can also lead to anxiety.

Research has shown that thinking positive has physical and mental health benefits. The Center for Disease Control and the Mayo Clinic both have articles that list the benefits of positive thinking. The benefits include increased life span, lower rates of depression, improved immunity, and better cardiovascular health.

Thinking positive does not mean that you ignore reality or not admit that you are dealing with a tough situation, it means that you view your situation in a positive light. You may have grown up under negative situations or circumstances and your thought process became an extension of your upbringing. Thinking is not genetic and you can change the way you think.

What steps do you need to take to think positive or become more optimistic? First you need to acknowledge when you are having negative thoughts. Once you realize that you are thinking negatively redirect your thoughts. Instead of focusing on the worst that can happen turn your thoughts to positive outcomes. Remember that there is a Creator who loves you and wants the best for you. Believe you deserve good things and don’t beat yourself up over past mistakes or current flaws. I have had adverse situations in my life that I did not like; however, years later I came to realize that if those situations had not occurred, I would not have received some positive benefits that occurred in the future.

Next change negative terms to positive terms. Instead of saying that will never happen; say all things are possible. Instead of saying you are afraid, declare you are brave. Make positive affirmations, proclaim the best is yet to come. Surround yourself with positive people who can encourage you when you face tough circumstances. Don’t share information regarding your life with negative people.

You can practice positive thinking. Create positive thinking exercises that work for you and see the benefits that come into your life.

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