You Have the Power

Years ago, I read a book about happiness and the author said negative people can drain your energy. At first, I thought this was new age theory and I was not ready to receive the concept. Then I started to feel there could be some truth to this statement. I noticed there were times when... Read more »

Stay Motivated

One of the key steps to attaining any goal is remaining motivated. Staying motivated keeps you on pace for reaching your goals. Motivation is the reason or reasons one has for acting or behaving in a particular way. Life circumstances and stresses can impact your motivation. Also, not having realistic goals can steal motivation. It... Read more »

Good Nutrition is Important for Weight Loss

As we enter into 2019 a lot of us will make losing weight a New Year’s resolution. Losing weight is a noble goal; however, you should stay clear of fad diets and quick fixes. Base your weight loss on changing or improving your nutritional habits. Eating a balanced diet is important for good health and... Read more »

The Skin You Live In

The largest internal organ in the body is the liver; however, the largest organ on your body is the skin. The skin protects us from the elements, helps regulate body and temperature, and permits sensations of touch, heat, and cold. The skin also protects us from contaminants. Proper skin care is important because we need... Read more »

Have a Team

Getting fit and healthy can be a difficult challenge. It can be especially difficult if you try it alone. There is a term that “no man is an island.” This is the theory that people do poorly when separated from others and need to be part of a community in order to flourish. I believe... Read more »

Take Care

Have you ever parted company with someone after a visit or a conversation and they told you to take care? I always thought this meant to be careful. However, it should also mean to take care of your emotional and physical needs. Many of us especially women seem to place our needs on the backburner.... Read more »

Spice it Up

How do you season your food? Are you only using salt and pepper? If you only use salt and pepper you are missing out on the great benefits spices can offer to you. A spice is a seed, fruit, root, bark, or other plant substance used for flavoring, coloring, or preserving food. Some people believe... Read more »

Travel Healthy

Occasionally, I need to travel for work and I also take a number of vacations for recreation each year. Although the travel process does not bother me and I enjoy seeing different places, I have struggled with being healthy on the road. At home I have a system. Exercise in the morning and evening, get... Read more »

What is Health Food?

Eating healthy can mean different things to different people. Some people swear by being vegan, while others see the benefits of eating a balanced diet that includes animal products. I do not eat read meat; however, I do eat poultry and fish. I know people who eat red meat in moderation and are healthy. Some... Read more »

Work it Out – Don’t Give Up

I have belonged to a number of gyms in the last 20 years and one thing I have found consistent is that the gyms get really busy in January. However, by March they are less busy. I am not sure why this happens. There are probably a number of reasons. We typically get psyched at... Read more »