Is Your Scale Controlling You?

In the past, my scale would determine how my morning started. If my weight was low, I was satisfied. If it was high, I was disappointed. I had to ask myself why I wanted to lose weight. Was it for my health or appearance? If I am eating healthy, exercising, getting my rest, and doing... Read more »

Don’t Just Sit There

Most of us are in the house because of COVID-19. We may be tempted to sit in the house and binge on TV and food. However, we should not ignore physical activity. The lack of physical activity can lead to a number of ailments including high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, obesity, and cardiovascular disease.... Read more »


I admire people who are resilient. They seem to be the type of people that will not let anything stop them from reaching a goal or succeeding in life. There is a young man that attended the gym I went to who had a leg amputated. That did not stop him for working out. He... Read more »

Nutrition to Fight Inflammation

What is inflammation? Inflammation is the way the body responds to protect itself against harm. There are two types of inflammation. The two types are acute and chronic. Acute inflammation occurs when you injure your body. Your immune system dispatches a multitude of white blood cells to surround and protect the area. Chronic inflammation occurs... Read more »

Give Your Immune System a Boost

We are in a time when people are looking for a miracle treatment or something out of the ordinary to stay healthy. Please be careful and check the source before you try something new. There are some proven things you can do to help keep yourself healthy. One thing is to take efforts to keep... Read more »

Resolve to Keep Your Resolutions

How long does New Year’s resolutions typically last? One survey I found said 12 days and another said they last for most people until the end of January. Twelve days seems short. I totally believe the end of January survey. We get excited on January 1. The beginning of a new year. We plan to... Read more »

Technology Detox

If you search the internet for detoxes a ton of options are available. They are options for cleansing your body of toxins or detoxing to lose weight. There is much debate on whether detoxing works or is healthy. This blog is not about the physical type of detoxing. I want to discuss a mental detox.... Read more »

Healthy Physically and Mentally

I have learned over the years that you cannot separate mental wellness from physical wellness. I believe the two go hand in hand. We can spend a lot of time making sure we are physically fit and ignore that we are mentally drained. Maybe you grew up like me. I was around people who ignored... Read more »

Shop Smart

Have you ever gone to the grocery store to purchase a few items and when you leave the store you have much more than you wanted to buy? To make matters worse you missed purchasing some of the items you went to the store for in the first place. Then you end up throwing away... Read more »

You Have the Power

Years ago, I read a book about happiness and the author said negative people can drain your energy. At first, I thought this was new age theory and I was not ready to receive the concept. Then I started to feel there could be some truth to this statement. I noticed there were times when... Read more »