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4 Reasons Not to Hate Chicago Winters

I’ve heard a lot of talk from Chicagoans recently who, fed up with the bitter cold and severe weather, are threatening to move to warmer climates. As a Chicagoan who has been living in San Diego for the past six months, I understand this desire all too well—but I also recognize that there are some... Read more »

How to be a Twenty-Something Chicagoan

As I approach the waning months of my twenties, I have been thinking about what my friends and I dubbed our “urban childhoods,” which began when we graduated college and is ending, well, now. While I don’t feel any different of a person as when I first came to Chicago, I don’t quite have the... Read more »

Wait, There's a 12th Street Beach?!

Flags in Chicago
While going to the beach on a devastatingly hot day might sound like a logical choice, there are some days when you would be crazy to leave your comfortably air-conditioned home or office. The day Katie and I went to 12th Street Beach was one of those days. I’m going to do my best to... Read more »

How to Tolerate North Avenue Beach

Okay, here’s the truth. Katie and I have been to North Avenue Beach more times than we can count, and based on those experiences, we were prepared to eviscerate this beach, to rage against its idiocy and to ridicule anybody who defends it. Too many horrible experiences of 11-year-olds asking me for weed; of underage... Read more »

A Review of Rogers Park Beaches

A Review of Rogers Park Beaches
When I was in kindergarten, there was a talent show at my elementary school. The older students sang, played musical instruments, and tap-danced, and even as a kindergartner, I remember thinking “Wow, these people really aren’t that good.” But how could anybody criticize them? They were just kids, passionately performing some art-form that they were... Read more »

The ESPYs Are Everything That's Wrong With Sports

My husband turned to a rerun of the ESPYs just in time for us to see Michael Phelps win an award for the “best record-breaking performance,” which was when he earned his 16th gold medal at the 2012 Olympics. I looked at my husband and asked, “So, because Phelps won a bunch of awards, they’re... Read more »

Get Grandma on Facebook

My grandma has always been cooler than I am. No, seriously: at her fiftieth wedding anniversary, she danced all night in blue sequined heels. Later, she lip-synched in a homemade music video with my aunts and uncles to “Love Shack.” And, despite the fact that I was in college during Facebook’s formative years and theoretically... Read more »

I Live With My Parents In The Suburbs. It's Freaking Sweet.

For the past seven years, I have been an urban girl. From a series of apartments in Wicker Park and Bucktown, I mastered all modes of transportation on the CTA, sampled restaurants with cuisine both familiar and foreign, explored nooks and crannies of a city that never seems to stop evolving, and even stuck around... Read more »

Spring is near

Yellow, orange, and pink orchid
Spring is near, but until it finally warms up enjoy these photos!

Proposing in Public Spaces: Passionate or Pathetic?

Ah, the holidays. Or as they are collectively called, “proposal season.” My Facebook feed is brimming with recent engagements, I’m sure partially due to the intense pressure from this week of prolonged family parties. I can personally vouch that for every not-so-subtle hint I gave my now-husband that I was ready to be engaged, I... Read more »