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Millennium Park Was Not a Mistake

Chicagoans can be very short-sighted. While our sensible, practical attitudes usually work in our favor—take, for example, our perfectly gridded streets and the fact that we were able to reverse the flow of the river to avoid swimming in and drinking our own excrement—these attitudes tend to diminish our romanticism, our imaginations, and our risk-taking.... Read more »

Hoppy Times at Local Brewpubs

One of the best parts about living in Chicago is our close proximity to so many different cultural institutions. The museums, the historical sites, the art galleries, the concert halls—the options are seemingly endless. Katie and I, being the cultured sophisticates that we are, pored over our options last weekend, wanting to find the place... Read more »

Nice Try, Macy's. You're Still No Field's.

Nice Try, Macy's. You're Still No Field's.
This Spring has been preposterous.  As a born-and-raised Chicagoan, I’ve prided myself on withstanding our brutal, seemingly endless winters.  I expect to wear my down jacket well into April and don’t pull out my tank tops until way after Memorial Day. But this last month has been absolutely ridiculous. Between the wind, constant overcast skies,... Read more »

It's Just Like Being in a Game of "Clue," Without the Pesky Murder

It's Just Like Being in a Game of "Clue," Without the Pesky Murder
I used to play the board game Clue all the time, but it’s not because I have a penchant for problem-solving. It’s because I was obsessed with the game board. The mansion in which the supposed murder took place absolutely intrigued me; there were secret passages, rooms that seemed to have simultaneously a very specific... Read more »

Staying Active When it's Cold in Chicago

Whenever I tell people I’m from Chicago, I get one of two responses: either they pretend to hold a Tommy gun while yelling “Al Capone! The mob!” (okay, that only happened once—but it did happen!); or, they get a piteous look in their eyes and gasp, “But it’s so cold there.” Yes, it gets cold... Read more »