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An Open Letter To People Who Make Flying Miserable

To The Plane Passengers Who Make Flying Miserable, Firstly, let me earn your favor by declaring that airlines sold their souls to the devil the minute they decided to charge passengers for checked bags. I can practically envision the out-of-touch executives toasting each other with champagne when they found a system to leech more money... Read more »

The 3 Biggest Offenses on Public Transportation

It’s easy to blame the CTA or Metra for the problems that come with public transportation. How many times have you heard, or voiced, complaints like these: “The trains are never on time!” “It’s so dirty!” “It’s too crowded!” Well friends, as much as I can agree with these complaints, let’s think about these problems.... Read more »

How Not To Be A Jerk in Public Places

I once watched a TV show in which a guy claimed he went briefly to hell. He described a place where angry people fiercely pushed him towards a dark, ominous spot, their shoves growing increasingly violent the closer he got to the darkness. He wasn’t sure what awaited him in the darkness, but dreaded it,... Read more »