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Series 17 White Sox v. Indians: What a Difference A Year Makes

Series 17 White Sox v. Indians: What a Difference A Year Makes
I’ll admit it.  When the White Sox beat the Indians it is just a little sweeter for me.  The best rivalries are local.  They are personal.  I grew up in the Cleveland area and for the first twenty-five years of my life, I was an Indians fan.  I’ve written numerous times about what happened and... Read more »

The Ten Most Memorable Games I've Attended

Cleveland Indians v. Toronto Blue Jays, Double Header, Bat Day  with my dad. May 17 1981.                                   I could go with my first game as well, but this one stands out probably because it was just me and my dad, not a parish group or anybody else.  I really can’t tell you too much about the game, except I got a Toby Harrah bat, it was cold, and we stayed through most of the second game.  As you can guess, a cold mid-May day wasn’t the most crowded game ever, but at old Cleveland Municipal Stadium, even a good crowd looked small.  When I looked up this game on I saw that the attendance was over 40K.  In a building that held over 70K it was just over half full.  One last memory: on the way back to the car, we parked on the street which was also cool, we were approached by an obviously drunk guy.  After a quick conversation, my dad ordered me to give him the bat.  I always thought that was an overreaction, but having kids of my own, I get it.  Not sure if I would react the same way, but I get it.
Thinking about it, I can’t remember the last time I did a list blog post, if ever, especially here at the Chicago Now office.  Writing about the White Sox is quite a chore these days, so why the hell not?  The recent fog game at US Cellular reminded me of a fog game I attended... Read more »