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Your 2013 White Sox: John Danks (Preview #14)

Your 2013 White Sox: John Danks  (Preview #14)
What was Kenny Williams thinking?  John Danks is a decent enough pitcher and at 26 a contract extension until he was 31 isn’t the craziest thing Kenny had ever done.  However, with his signing bonus and other factors worked in, Baseball Prospectus has Danks making $15.75M this year and 2013-2016 making $14.25M, at least as... Read more »

White Sox and Attendance: Few Facts and a Lot of Fiction.

This is a bit of a rant, I’ll admit. By definition, a rant is not the most logical, thought out discussion of any given topic. It is tinged at the very least with emotion, at most a full blown rage. I’d like to think that I’m somewhere in the middle, not all capacity for reason... Read more »

Kenny Williams: the Human Representation of Tabliope

Kenny Williams: the Human Representation of Tabliope
Kevin Youkilis is a White Sox, hurr—rah? I can’t imagine he can be any worse than the two black holes that have been patrolling third base for the Sox this season, but we’ve seen this act before with Kenny, a trade for a former star who looks to be on the down side of his... Read more »
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