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A Century of White Sox Fashion 1971-1980

Over the course of the last year or so, I’ve had a ball writing about White Sox uniforms.  I know it hasn’t been the most consistent series of posts, but when I get a chance to add to the story it is great.  Now, however, we are hitting the big time, making so much what... Read more »

A Century of White Sox Fashion, 1964-1970

Now we are entering upon the years that ultimately brought this series of blogs into being.  Let’s face it; The Chicago White Sox and their crazy get-ups are one of the most famous aspects of the team’s history.  Everyone who follows baseball knows that the White Sox had uniforms featuring shorts (though they only wore... Read more »

White Sox Fashion Recap

In preparation for the next few posts I’m going to tackle here are some links to blogs I wrote almost two years ago.   The posts are about the uniform history of the White Sox.  I hope you enjoy these and look forward to the next installments right here on Chicago Now!   A Century... Read more »
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