Flipping Bats and Stuff

Flipping Bats and Stuff

I know in the crazy news cycle we live in that the Tim Anderson bat flipping episode is old news. The Mueller Report is out, Kris Bryant is washed up and the White Sox have already played another game. However, full-time jobs, family life and sleep often get in the way of free writing. I enjoy writing about the White Sox (most of the time, anyway) but the order goes as far as work goes: Job, any part-time job, freelance writing, podcasts, blogging. As the former editing manager of ChicagoNow, Jimmy Greenfield, liked to say, "Blogging works, yo!" but it doesn't pay.

OK, where was I? Yes, bat flipping. First, can we all agree that as far as bat flips go, Anderson's wasn't much of a flip, more like a toss. He kind of shoveled it toward the White Sox dugout, less of flip. The bat flew on an even plane, not really end over end. If it were me, the nonchalance of an actual flip seems like more of a show up than the shovel pass, but that's just me.

I get that I have a built in bias with this one, but honestly, Anderson's actions just didn't seem that overt toward the Royals. Maybe I'd feel different if I was a Royals fan. The retaliation, however, regardless of the team is kind of stupid. I find the unwritten rules of baseball to be foolish and potentially harmful. People will be quick to point out that the retaliatory pitch hit Anderson square in the bum. However, as good as major league pitchers are, balls get away. If Anderson got injured over something like this, possibly derailing his promising start, then it's more than just "how the game is played" and becomes far worse.

As far as bat flips go, I'm ok with it. I know to some folks there should be no emotion shown on the field of play, but baseball is already suffering from a lack of actual action (more strikeouts, less balls in play in general) so a little something to get things going is always welcome to me. A bat toss, a fist pump, especially when it isn't directed at anyone, is pretty harmless and it might convince people that baseball isn't being played by robots. Though, baseball robots could be kind of cool.

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