Father's Day!

Father's Day!

OK, a post a month isn't really what I signed up for, now is it? Neither did you if you subscribed. However, I've got some ideas about that, but more on that in another post. Not next month, probably later today or this week. Stay tuned. 

Father's Day! What an awesome day at the ball park for my Father's Day gift. I can't believe it took this long to make my first game. The weather definitely played a part in that, so did the poor play. Kind of like going to a movie where you know the end. Why go sit in an April drizzle, just to watch the team you support get clobbered. Yes, I know the strategy, tank now, win later, but it doesn't make for a good viewing. My baseball guru, Joe Sheehan, wrote a great bit about declining attendance and it applied to me. Specifically, if the team is pretty much going to advertise, "come see us in 2020!" then why should I stop by in 2018? I live in an amazing city with lots to do, going to see a 4A baseball team isn't high on the list.

It is on the list though. As the season has progressed, I've actually been checking in more and more. I don't know why exactly, crack of the bat, a pitch smacking into the catcher's mitt and all of that I suppose. Some of it has been to watch Jose Abreu for sure. Some of the young pitchers are fun to watch too. Hell, watching some of the guys who really aren't part of the rebuilding plan is fun too. Adam Engel and Daniel Palka aren't part of the championship blueprint. They are playing just to stay in the major leagues. They are playing pretty hard too.

So, when my wife told me she got tickets to the game on Father's Day, I was thrilled.* It was going to be a day at the park with my family. If the White Sox won, great! If not, oh well. Simply put, it was a great day. My kids are older now, grown out of the FUNdamentals deck, so we just sat and watched the game. We took breaks from the sun, ate bad food and sang the stretch. I'm still buzzing a little bit from it. Just that good of a day.

*My wife has an awesome history when it comes to ticket purchases. Concert tickets, Sox tickets, she gets me. She even understands that I like to go alone on occasion. Like I said, she's awesome.

Best of all, it rekindled my interest in going to games. Somewhere along the way, I sort of forgot how much fun baseball can be as a live experience. Going with teenagers was a new wrinkle, but a good one. My daughter asked questions and my son seemed pretty into it. At least he wasn't on his phone, so that must count as some sign of interest, right?

That rekindled interest also carried over to this blog, but more on that in the next post.

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