Wednesday Sucked

Wednesday Sucked

I know where we are at as White Sox nation. We are in that place where winning doesn't matter, in fact it is seen by many to be detrimental to the overall rebuilding plan. We are decidedly in that group of teams in Major League Baseball not trying to win this year. Still, on a game by game level, I root for the White Sox to win. It's like the old Cubs teams from the 1990s, watch the games, maybe Sammy hits a homer, maybe they win, either way it's baseball and sunshine and that is a pretty good day.

I didn't make it to the game yesterday, but did the next best thing: stayed home from work and got to watch quite a bit of it. Not quite sunshine and baseball, but couch and baseball is pretty good on a Wednesday afternoon. A couple of two run homers in the earlier innings spotting the White Sox a four run lead behind a pretty strong start from Reynaldo Lopez felt good. Sure, some of that offense came from replacement players, or place holders if you wish, Daniel Palka and Wellington Castillo respectively. Like I said, I root for the White Sox, even the guys who aren't really in the grand scheme. From that standpoint, it was a good game too. The aforementioned Lopez start and Anderson had another home run, so the youth were involved as well. A win looked imminent.

Then along came Jones. He gave up 4 runs in the ninth inning and along with the runs he gave up the win for the White Sox. A win that was all but in the books, snatched away by a bad pitching performance. It sucked; not enough to ruin my day, but still. I mean if a White Sox loss is going to ruin your day you are in for a very depressing summer.

This weekend starts the crosstown...classic? nope. BP Cup? Is that still a thing? Tired Old Gimmick That Needs to Go Away? There it is. This series against the Cubs offers little more than any other series. It isn't even the young, hungry White Sox versus the big, bad Cubs. The players we're really interested in seeing aren't on the major league roster yet. Sure, I'd love to see Trayce Thompson and Nicky Delmonico go crazy this weekend, but if the weekend ends in a Cubs sweep, will White Sox fans even remember it either way in 2020? Will the legend of Nicky Delmonico be a thing? I doubt it. at least let's hope Nate Jones can hold on to a four run lead if the White Sox are lucky enough to get one this series.

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